1. Can I donate money without becoming a member?
We welcome all donations.  We understand your time may be limited and do not require that you also perform volunteer services, we would appreciate your contact information to keep you informed of our progress.  See the "Donations" page on this site.
2. Where can I sign up for Booster Membership?
You can sign up at this link and use our shopping cart feature to pay for the membership dues.  Membership dues are $10.00, the site charges an 8% processing fee which will increase your payment to $10.80.  If you would prefer please drop off your check and membership form to the Office at Piedmont Hills High School.
3. How can my business help the Boosters?
Your business can make tax deductible donations directly to The Boosters, through the shopping cart feature of this web site or directly at the school office or through our Donations Tab. Your business can benefit through community advertising at the Annual Golf tournaments, or you can sign up for your office and staff to attend and play at the tournament.
4. Is the Booster organization approved through the School, and is this a registered Charitable Organization?
Yes, the school supports the booster organization and its efforts, we consult with the principal regularly for input about school needs.   We are a registered 501c3 organization
5. Can I attend Booster Meetings and How often are they held.
Yes, the meetings are open to the public.  As an active member and after receipt of the $10.00 donation you can attend the monthly meetings and be eligible to vote on important Booster Club issues.  You will receive updated information via e-mails.
6. Where are the meetings held?
The Booster meetings are held on their scheduled dates at 7:00 PM online zoom meetings are being used for Covid 19 precautions until further notice.   Normally, we would hold in-person meetings in the teachers lounge on campus at Piedmont Hills High School.  The teachers lounge is the left hand turn into the hallway directly after you pass the hallway entrance to the schools office.
7. Where are the Parent Booster By-Laws posted?
Our By-Laws can be viewed at the following link, and are also posted within the Piedmont High School Web page under Parent Boosters.
8. What is the difference between Membership and Just being on the Mailing List?
Full Booster Members are elibile to vote on important Booster events, and require formal registration and a basic membership fee of $10.00.   Full Members receive email blasts about Booster events, fundraising opportunities or requests for Donations for the school or sports events.

Mailing list participants receive the same email blasts about Booster events, fundraising opportunities or requests for Donations for school or sports events.