General information
We ALWAYS in need of the motivated individuals to fill Board positions and Committee chair positions.  Please help!!!  Its a great way to get involved, meet the faculty and get to know a great group of people, and support your students and BE IN THE KNOW.     Your students will thank you.  Its cool to be part of your school.  PLEASE SEE OFFICERS ROLE TAB.


Board Position - President/Vice President
Our newest board member has accepted!  Jana Taylor will be filling the role as President for the new term.

Board Position - Secretary - Ms. Kellie Guevera will be continuing in this role.
Immediate need for New incoming Secretary to shadow current Secretary.  Record minutes at each meeting, prepare agenda, and update web page (easy)  Be strong part of core Board team.  Need:  Desire to help, have fun and assist. (see board position description tab).

Membership Committee Chair

Position to report to Board on Membership Activities, Drives, and Membership Roster update.  Self-motivated, independent and works offline on computer, at own time schedule and when able, create membership drive opportunities.  Clean up and maintain membership database.

Golf Committee Lead Position to report to Board on Golf Committee development and needs.  Coordinates the overall project and tournament, coordinates and schedules meetings, appoints team members, overseas all aspects of our annual fundraising activity, including on site on day of event.  Coordinates and oversees volunteer scheduling, tournament activities, tournament prize and sponsporship development, rules and tournament theme, in conjunction with Golf Committee team members. Detailed plan in place for new lead.

Activities  Coordinator

Works to support School Activities to coordinate Booster related opportunities to sell snacks and food items at school sponsored events.  Keeps activities calendar, works closely with concessions lead and PHHS activities director.

Bookkeeper - Works to assist treasurer with monthly reconciliation of bank statements, work is performed off site and at own time schedule, as well as possible input and data entry into QuickBooks, Treasurer support.   Shadow Treasurer for Backup assistance. FILLED

Booster Club Student Liaison  - Student position
Student volunteer to act as liaison to Booster club and student body.  Be present at monthly board meetings, and report needs of student body.

Merchandising Chair /Manager FILLED

Need strong individual with Marketing expertise or interest to help lead our merchandising existing  team.  Products include blankets, sweatshirts, and other PHHS items.   Be responsible for maintaining design logo detail, create new merchandising opportunities, work with other groups within school, ordering, and manage and create marketing program.   Long or short term goal to create online store on existing web site, including developing a distribution method to increase Booster profits through merchandising sales.