The Parent Booster Club supports Piedmont High School through fund raising efforts that have raised  funds for new student resources. 

We have two major Fundraising drives per year and several individual functions that require direct parent involvement.  

Our Annual Golf tournament produces over 50% of our available resources and has become a successful community affair. 
Please see our Golf Tabs!

The Parent Booster organization is proud to have contributed funds to complete several large projects, which include:
  • Permanent placed outdoor Picnic areas
  • New Library Furniture
  • Concessions Stand Improvement and Equipment
  • Teacher and Classroom Equipment Donationis
  • Sports awards and donations for equipment

The Parent Booster Club hosts an annual teachers recognition luncheon which is a highly appreciated and looked forward to event each year by our faculty.  

Each year Christmas baskets are funded by the Parent Booster organization for High School families having difficult times. 

We continue to provide for the following:
  • Student activities requests, club funding requests,
  • Teacher requests for funding for classroom materials,
  • Teacher requests for funding for equipment and resources.
  • Seed funding for student body class (Seniors, Junior, Sophomores, Freshmen), receive  $500.00 seed money at the start of each year.
  • Additional support as requested
  • Teacher appreciation luncheons and activities

We look for creative ways to address the need of our student body, and need your creativity and help.  Ways to help

Volunteer to provide beverage sales at all high school dance events,

We host monthly dinner events at featured and contributing community restaurant partners

We have hosted Garage sales and Environment Waste Drives


A very dedicated core group of volunteers and board members have made the Piedmont High School Parent Boosters a success, and as their students age and graduate High School, we can only continue with our services to the student body with your HELP.

Please volunteer today and sign up to be a member, your physical membership as well as donations are what supports our efforts in this very imporant time in our students lives.

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