1) Piedmont Hills Mascot
Pirates of the Carribean
Johnny Depp
Petey the Pirate
Captain Jack Black
2) Current Principal of Piedmont Hills High
Barrack Obama
Ginny Davis
Mike Reed
Mr. Trask

3) What role does the School Bank Serve
Distributes Money to students for good times
Accepts funds for ASB Cards, dances, yearbook
Savings Account for Students
Makes Loans to students at Zero interest
4) What time is lunch period

5) What does the PHHS Parent Booster Club do?
Help Parents with Booster shots
Help Students find classes
Fundraising for Student Services and Teacher Support
Have no Idea
6) When are Parent Booster Meetings Held
Second Tuesday of each Month
Last Friday of each year
At lunch time each day
Have no Idea

7) Booster Club runs which Events and Concessions
Dance drink sales
Dance Coat Check
Teacher Luncheons and Teachers Gift Baskets
All of above
8) How can I help the Students and School
Be involved with Boosters and help with activities
Sign up for Booster Membership
Give ideas and feedback
All of above

9) What are the Piedmont School Colors
Red and Yellow
Green and Red
Pink and Blue
Burgandy and Black
10) What is Boosters Dining out night?
Boosters come to your home to eat
Boosters go out to eat
Boosters supporters eat at a local venue as advertised to receive a donation from the local venue
None of the above