President:  Anh Le
Vice President:  Stacey Dedering
Treasurer:  Maria Tran
Secretary:  Janet Wong

Webmaster:  Virginia Varela-Campos
Golf Chair: Debbie Dundon
Membership Chair: Angela Sosa
Financial Secretary: (open)
Historian:  (open)

What helps to make such a great community?
Our parent volunteers of course!
Piedmont Hills High School takes great pride in its tremendous parent volunteer support. You can really make a difference! We hope that the following information will help you find a role and answer your basic questions about how to join Piedmont Hills High School’s volunteer effort through the Parent Booster Club.

Board and Officers Role Descriptions:


Busiest Times of Year: Busiest at the beginning of the year but flattens out quite soon; additional special projects as desired.

-Preside at all meetings
-Serve as Chairperson of the Board

-Supervise Committee chair or volunteer to manage the PBC website:
-Review with board all overall objectives and strategies of the PBC
-Act as liaison between parents and principal/staff; inform officers and members of all intended functions for the school year

-Discuss planned events during the term with board and booster members
-Recruit or solicit PBC Committee Chairs

-Create agenda for secretary preparation and preside over monthly PBC meetings (2nd Tuesday of every month)

-Facilitate PBC board planning meeting. (once a year)
-Provide information for news updates to PBC News Bulletin for the PHHS Campus Grid and School Loop
-Create a mailing document for all Piedmont Hills HS parents in August, in cooperation with school mailing.

-Oversee the board activities in regards to the school calendar and annual budget
-Represent or direct representatives to speak at the Freshmen Night, Back to School Night, and other events to promote the PBC and solicit membership.

-Signs all checks in conjunction with the treasurer.



Busiest Times of Year: Around all school dances and fundraisers.

-Assist the President in all functions, coordinate committee meetings, oversees merchandising, and concessions.
-Preside at all meetings and events in the absence of the President

-Assist the President in the recruit and support of all committee chairs for key fund-raising events.
-Continue to monitor the success of fundraisers and recommend changes to fundraising objectives and strategies at Piedmont Hills HS.
-Coordinate committee chairpersons attending meetings as needed and communicate with the President



Secretary – Recording, and Communicating

Busiest Times of Year: Following each PBC meeting

-Publicize all PBC events
-Works closely with the school administrators in ensuring that all the PBC events are posted in the PHHS campus grid, School Loop, and electronic board
-Work closely with the President in creating the agenda for monthly PBC meetings
-Take minutes at PBC meetings. Forwards minutes to the president for review, and then submit minutes for inclusion on the website and on bulletin boards. Make copies of the minutes for the next PBC meeting so they can be approved by the membership. Keep all records of the minutes of meetings.
-Read correspondence at meetings
-Updates Membership list and address book on the website
-Keep records of programs and events at Piedmont Hills HS.
-Take photos of all events when possible.  Tracks volunteer hours.
-Assist the President in creating fliers when possible.




Busiest Times of Year: Beginning of the year due to learning curve; some summer work getting budget ready for Fall

-Collect all membership dues and donations from parents and faculty.
-With the president and the school principal, generate the PBC budget.
-Prepare the annual tax return.
-Inform committees of budgeted funds.
-Prepare checks to pay bills and reimbursements as required. The President or the Vice-President sign checks.
-Oversee ongoing PBC finances, ensure adherence to approved PBC budget.
-Prepare and present budget reports for each PBC meeting.

-Record deposits that come into the PBC. Send donor acknowledgment letters as necessary.
-Data entry and management of Quickbooks system, with third-party reconciliation.

-Sign as a two-party signature in conjunction with President

Membership Chair 
Busiest times of the year:

-Reports membership activities
-maintains membership roster
-maintains the membership database


Busiest Times of the year: Beginning of the school year with membership registrations. 

-maintains and manages PBC website
-keeps announcements and calendar up-to-date on the website
-runs website reports 

Busiest times of the year: During any events

-photographer of any events and fundraisers

Golf Chair
Busiest times of the year: around and during Golf Tournament 

-Report to the board of Golf Committee developments and needs
-coordinates the overall project and tournament
-coordinates schedules and meetings
-appoints team members
-overseas all aspects of our annual fundraising activities
-coordinates and overseas volunteer schedule
-overseas sponsorship
-overseas tournament prizes

Golf Committee
-parent & staff volunteers
Please consider joining our Golf Committee to help plan for our Annual Golf Tournament 

Financial Secretary
Busiest times of the year:





**We are ALWAYS in need of motivated individuals to fill Board positions and Committee Chair positions. Join Now! It's a great way to get involved, meet the faculty, meet a new great group of people, support your student, and BE IN THE KNOW. The staff and students will thank you. It is cool to be part of your school.**

Activities Chair (Fundraising Chair)
-supports school activities to support PBC related opportunities
-keeps up to date with an activities calendar
-works closely with concessions lead and PHHS Activities Director

Booster Club Student Liaison
-student volunteer
-liaison between Booster Club and Student Body 
-attend monthly board meetings
-reports needs of the student body

Merchandising Chair/Manager

-Marketing expertise recommended
-leads merchandising team
-responsible for maintaining the design logo
-create new merchandise opportunities
-work with other groups within the school
-responsible for ordering
-manage marketing program
-goal is to create an online store to support PBC profit with merchandise sales

Financial Secretary (Bookkeeper)
-works closely with Treasurer
-responsible for monthly reconciliation of bank statements
-input data entry into Quickbooks

For any questions, comments, or suggestions please e-mail us at