The Parent Booster organization is proud to have contributed funds to complete several large projects, which include:

  • Permanent placed outdoor picnic areas 
  • New library furniture
  • Automated blinds in the library
  • Concession stand improvement and equipment 
  • Teacher and classroom equipment donations
  • Sports awards and donations for equipment
  • Four water refill stations around campus
  • Zen Garden 

We continue to provide for the following:
  • Student activities requests
  • Club funding requests
  • Teacher funding requests
  • Seed funding for student body class. At the start of each year, $500 is given to each class
  • annual teachers recognition luncheon
  • Additional support as requested 

We continue to contribute to the following:
  • Garage sales
  • Environmental Waste Drives
  • Holiday baskets for PHHS families in need

A very dedicated core group of volunteers including Board Members have made the Piedmont Hills High School Parent Booster a success! Even after graduation, many continue to help support our community. 

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