Funding requests
Funding requests

 PHHS Parent Booster Club Funding

Every year, the Parent Booster Club allocates a budget to fund requests from teachers, administrators, individual departments, student clubs, and other student-organized groups for their various projects and events.


Examples of these requests are to fund classroom enrichment materials, student activities, field trip assistance, school events like dances, prom and senior nights, community services, and other creative needs of the students, administrators, and teachers to boost the school curriculum. 

The Club budgets to allocate $3,000 - $ 5,000 for these requests.  Requests should not exceed the total amount of $300 per year to provide equal opportunity. 

All requests will be screened and voted on at our PBC monthly meeting (please see calendar for meeting dates). You are always welcome to attend.  You will be informed via email by our treasurer if your request is approved.


Please print and complete the form above along with receipt(s) to receive reimbersement. 

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