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Parent Booster Club


The Parent Booster Club ("PBC") is a parent-run and parent-sponsored 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to Piedmont Hills High School's students, teachers, athletics and administration.

We strive to maintain Piedmont Hills High School as a quality educational campus for its students by…

                                     --->   Teachers subsidized classroom needs
                                     --->   Athletics fundraising and support
                                     --->   We work with Administration to establish
                                              goals for annual improvement projects.
Ahoy Matey! Ye asked, “How can you be involved?”

1) EXPLORE our webpage 

2) SUBSCRIBE to our mailing list with a free membership (non-voting), so we can send you updates and event notices.  Click the "Subscribe to our Mailing List" link below.

3) BECOME A VOTING MEMBER, simply pay the minimum $10.00 per year.  See the "Member Sign-Up" tab for payment options 

4) SPREAD THE WORD and help grow the Parent Boosters by asking your friends, family, and alumni to join the Mailing List and signup for a $10 membership which goes to our general fund and helps meet funding requests.

5) DONATE (request for fundraising item donations will be sent by e-mail for fundraising such as gift cards or see the "Make a Difference!" page)

6) ATTEND the PBC monthly meetings held every second Tuesday to learn about school needs, Parent Booster Club plans, and share your ideas.

7) PARTICIPATE in events, activities, and fundraising to support our school!  

When and Where do we meet?

The Boosters meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month,
unless otherwise announced. 
if you are unable to attend a meeting you can visit the "Meeting Minutes" page to find the up-to-date minutes. 

(Subscribers to the mailing list will receive meeting reminders and updates)

09/13/22, 1st mtg, 7:30-8pm
10/11/22, 7:30-8pm
11/08/22, 7:30-8pm
12/13/22, 7:30-8pm
01/10/23, 7:30-8pm
02/14/23, 7:30-8pm
03/14/23, 7:30-8pm
 04/11/23, 7:30-8pm 
05/09/23, 7:30-8pm
 Meetings may be held virtually every other month. 
Click the icon below to join our monthly meeting when being held virtually...
ID: 347 939 3030 /   PW: 123abc
ID: 347 939 3030 / PW: 123abc

For any questions, comments, or suggestions please e-mail us at


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